Our know-how paves your way to success

Our know-how paves your way to success

For over 30 years Hradil has stood for innovative CCTV cables for sewer inspections. Always at the cutting edge of technology, our special sewer cables are the ideal connectors for the camera, robotic and renovation systems of all top suppliers.

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  • Cable competence

    Cable competence

    We are motivated by the desire to provide you with cutting-edge technical quality and the most cost-effective solutions. For many years we have been the original equipment suppliers for ProKASRO and KA-TE PMO. sewer rehabilitation systems Backed by our experience in this sector, we have continued to expand our business in CCTV cables for sewer inspections. Our aim is to constantly improve our original cables and set new standards.

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  • You have our guarantee

    You have our guarantee

    Your safety is our topmost priority. Hradil's CCTV cables have been tested by independent institutions and conform to EC standards. They also comply with the relevant DIN standards and legal requirements for device, product, occupational and operational safety.

    EC certification

    CE marking (Conformité Européenne: “Conformity with EU directives”) identifies certain products and their safety characteristics in accordance with EU legislation. By using the EC marking the manufacturer confirms that the product meets applicable European directives.

    EEx approval

    EEx approval may only be granted by an independent authority and defines whether certain products may be used in potentially explosive environments, one example being gas pipelines.
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