• July 2017

    New Generation Coaxial Cable 4.0 for UV-Cured Lining Systems. 
    HRADIL’s new 300 V New Generation Coaxial Cable 4.0 for sewer relining robots with UV-curing unit permits the use of two independently operated camera systems. The technical solution behind this employs two internal 75 ohm coaxial conductors.
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  • June 2017

    A world première: Four-layer 500 volt drag chain cable with 61 conductors. 
    HRADIL Spezialkabel GmbH in Bietigheim presents the world’s first drag chain cable with four layers: the High-Endurance cable. Best of all, it can replace from one up to five individual drag chain cables, so that in the event of a malfunction of one cable in an energy chain only one individual cable will need to be replaced rather than all five of them.
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  • April 2017

    The Three-In-One Cable: CAN-Bus, Ethernet Cat. 7 and 300V Power Supply. 
    The new CAN-Bus High-Endurance cable presented by HRADIL Spezialkabel GMBH in Bietigheim is a hybrid cable and has been specially designed for moving applications in extreme environments. Typically it will be used aboard heavy-duty machinery in open-cast mining and road construction work. Here, extreme mechanical conditions such as vibrations and high tensile loads conspire to make life hell for the cables.
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  • February 2017

    Hradil high-endurance cable with a nominal voltage of up to 6/10 kV for the toughest conditions.
    With its new high-endurance cable, Hradil Spezialkabel GmbH, Bietigheim (Germany), presents a drum reeling cable containing highly-flexible copper cores of 3x25 mm2 + 2x25/2 mm2 for supplying power, as well as 24 fibre optic cables for transmitting data. Alternatively, other embodiments, e.g. 3x185mm2 + 2x50mm2 + optical fiber are available.